Sanctions, PEP, and Screening Data

Whether building new business relationships or transacting with current partners, customers, and counterparties, you and your organisation need to be protected. Regulatory lists may be a good start, but often you need more comprehensive data to safeguard yourself effectively to meet regulatory demands. You want the confidence that you can uncover potential risk without slowing business operations.

Accuity’s Firco portfolio offers a comprehensive suite of screening solutions that provide a powerful defence against illicit financial partners and activities. With our sanctions data accredited by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) with SSAE 16 certification, we deliver flexibility, connectivity, and trusted data all in one place. Our solutions provide the stable foundation of screening data you need to flag high-risk customers, accounts, and transactions.

With Firco data solutions, you can:

Minimise your risk with our comprehensive high-risk data sets.

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