Processing IBAN Payments

The IBAN (International Bank Account Number) is increasingly being adopted by countries outside the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) as the international standard for required bank account information. As IBAN adoption continues to proliferate, the likelihood of procuring inaccurate IBAN data will increase, presenting huge risks to your business’s efficiency and credibility. What’s more, legacy bank information can slow payments processes.

Bankers Almanac for Payments helps financial institutions adjust to IBAN adoption with comprehensive, one-stop IBAN payments solutions that continually meet evolving IBAN standards, protecting your reputation and allowing you to focus on business.

With our Bankers Almanac portfolio products, you can:

  • Minimise payment errors with one of the only solutions that offers multiple checks to deliver IBAN validation
  • Convert national and legacy bank account details to IBANs
  • Protect your good name by ensuring EU regulatory and SEPA compliance

Ensure your data is up to date with comprehensive IBAN payments solutions the industry trusts.

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