Taking the pulse of sanctions Q3 2020

The global economic sanctions landscape was active during the third quarter (Q3) of 2020 as regulators continued to impose sanctions across a number of issues, including Iran, Venezuela, elections interference, arms trafficking, and human rights abuses.

Key highlights from Q3:

  1. 52 updates were issued by major regulators in the third quarter (an increase of 44% compared to Q2)
  2. Significant increase in new designations: 221 records added to the major sanctions lists (compared to 234 combined for Q1/Q2 combined)
  3. The total count of all major regulatory sanctions updates to date through 2020 is 149
  4. The U.S. regulator OFAC was the most active, while the EU struggled to achieve consensus for new sanctions on several international issues (Belarus, Turkey/Greece, and China)

View the Sanctions Pulse infographic to learn more about sanctions indicators shown by major regulators.

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