Bank of Jinzhou Case Study

Bank of Jinzhou is a leading city commercial bank in China, operating primarily in the Liaoning province, that provides customized financial services to local small and medium sized businesses (SMEs), many of whom are exporters. Bank of Jinzhou operates in a strategically important and highly sensitive location. Situated in the Laoning province, Jinzhou city shares a geographic border with North Korea, a UN sanctioned country. This makes trade in the area of major interest to regulators, not just in China but also to institutions globally.

In this case study learn how Accuity helped Bank of Jinzhou with:

  • Streamlining the screening process via automation
  • Optimised investigation process through more comprehensive sanctions data
  • Reduction in false positives and increased productivity in the on-boarding process
  • Full visibility with all actions recorded and an electronic audit trail
  • Increased customer trust and ability to scale up business to the next level

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