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Bankers Almanac Risk & Compliance - KYC
23 August 2018 - Resource

Ultimate Beneficial Ownership (UBO) & Regulatory Views Infographic

With increased regulatory pressure to Know Your Customer (KYC), organisations face the challenge of ensuring their processes are consistently compliant with requirements. In order to create robust KYC processes, comprehensive data is needed to support organisations in obtaining information on their counterparties that can help to protect them against potential risk. View our Bankers Almanac: […]
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23 August 2018 - Resource

Ultimate Beneficial Ownership (UBO) & Regulatory Views Fact Sheet

Are your KYC processes up to the task? In the current compliance landscape, it is essential to Know Your Counterparty (KYC) to mitigate risk. One of the challenges organisations face today is the difficulty and time-consuming process of collating information and intelligence on their customers/prospects. Download our Bankers Almanac: Ultimate Beneficial Ownership and Regulatory Views […]
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Business team presenting project plan
25 July 2018 - Resource

EFT Accuracy and Efficiency with Payments Data for Insurance Providers

Dynamic solutions that drive your success Today, it is becoming more important for insurance providers to have accurate routing and bank reference data. Inaccurate data and manual management of your EFTs results in returns and repairs that increase costs and risk across your entire organization. Insurance companies trust Bankers Almanac solutions to embed this data […]
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Firco Continuity icon
20 July 2018 - Resource

Firco Continuity 5.9 video

In our latest video you’ll see how Firco Continuity 5.9 can provide granular level of detail and visibility on what is happening within all transactions in sanctions screening systems, from configuration to decision-making.
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18 July 2018 - Resource

Firco Filter Infographic

The Fircosoft unique filtering technology enables the world’s leading banks to improve screening performance by dramatically reducing the proportion of false alerts they produce when screening transactions or customer records.
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11 July 2018 - Resource

Virtual Currencies, the Wild West of Finance?

When it comes to protecting your reputation and minimizing risk, are you concerned about virtual currencies? As the use of virtual currencies develops, regulators are confronted with a decentralized technological paradigm that can be difficult to regulate or ban, providing fertile grounds for financial crime risks. This report highlights not only financial crime risks attached […]
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27 June 2018 - Resource

Why an Efficient Payment Ecosystem is Key to Cracking the Region’s E-Commerce Potential

As more companies take their businesses online, deficiencies in the current payment ecosystem in the region will surface. For Latin America, this means having to work with payment service providers and FinTechs to offer local payment options such as cash vouchers. However, for start-ups servicing these gaps in the financial system the challenge will be […]
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1 June 2018 - Resource

Vietcapital Commercial JSB Case Study – Fircosoft Enterprise Solution

Download this case study and learn about how a leading Vietnamese bank optimised its resource strength and checking by 75% using Firco Continuity and Firco Trust, without hindering its long-term goals.
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29 May 2018 - Resource

Webinar: Impact of new financial crime regulations on the insurance industry – Make sure you are regulator-ready

We recently held a webinar with The Association of Certified Financial Crime Specialists (ACFCS) on the growing pressure and increasing regulatory requirements for insurance companies and you can now listen back to the recording.
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Stock display screen board in street
23 May 2018 - Resource

Firco Continuity 5.9 – An overview of the new features

This short demo video highlights the features coming to Firco Continuity 5.9
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