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Enhancing payments certainty
20 June 2017 - Resource

Enhancing payments certainty in an evolving global landscape article

Robert McKay, Managing Director at Accuity, discusses the challenges and opportunities facing established and new payments service providers alike, in this interview with Financial IT.
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FX-MM Data Accuracy Survey
19 June 2017 - Resource

Payments data accuracy: the lifeblood of business

FX-MM’s inaugural payments processing survey shows the critical importance of payments data accuracy for banks and corporates as they seek to grow their businesses and increase their presence across the world.
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Stock display screen board in street
15 June 2017 - Resource

UCO Bank Case Study

Learn how one of the largest public sector banks in India improved its trade screening time by 15%
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Banker Masterclass Payments Article
15 June 2017 - Resource

Banker Masterclass video series: Future-proofing your reputation in payments

Watch our Banker Masterclass video series and read our article about future-proofing your reputation in payments
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Banker Masterclass - Keeping payments promises
15 June 2017 - Resource

The Banker Masterclass video series: ‘Keeping payments promises’

This video focuses on the challenges facing financial institutions and payment service providers in the global cross-border payments market.
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Banker Masterclass - Improving payments services
15 June 2017 - Resource

The Banker Masterclass video series: ‘Improving payments services’

Robert McKay, Managing Director of Accuity, identifies three key trends in the payments landscape: globalisation, user experience and trust.
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Banker Masterclass - Keeping payments safe
15 June 2017 - Resource

The Banker Masterclass video series: ‘Keeping payments safe’

Sophie Lagouanelle, Head of Risk and Compliance Solutions at Accuity, challenges the view that regulatory compliance programmes are a barrier in the pursuit of innovative payments solutions.
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Air freight cargo shipping delivery
23 May 2017 - Resource

Lufthansa Cargo Case Study

Learn how Lufthansa Cargo implemented an effective trade compliance solution to protect customers and mitigate risk.
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Impacts of Burma sanctions programme
3 May 2017 - Resource

Impact of Burma sanctions programme

In the wake of Myanmar’s significant democratic progress by electing a civilian-led government, in 2016, the United States terminated Burmese economic and financial sanctions, administered by the Department of the Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC). This move signalled the start of welcoming Myanmar back into the world’s economic and trade community.
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Cargo ships docked on harbour
19 April 2017 - Resource

Firco Trade Compliance Brochure

There is growing pressure for banks to step up their internal procedures for vetting trade finance documents in order to meet the latest regulations and best practices expected by organisations such as: Financial Action Task Force, International Chamber of Commerce, Financial Conduct Authority, and Monetary Authority of Singapore.
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