2 October 2017 - Resource

Seminario web: El escándalo de Odebrecht y su impacto en la región

Este seminario web sobre el escándalo de Odebrecht y su impacto en la región fue presentado por Carolina Lessa y Gilberto Pacheco y patrocinado por la Asociación de Especialistas Certificados en Delitos Financieros (ACFCS). Acceda a la grabación del mismo para saber más sobre: El caso Odebrecht La Operación Lava Jato y sus impactos en Latinoamérica […]
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19 July 2017 - Resource

Uncovering Sanctions Risks in Trade Finance Transactions

In this recorded webinar, we discuss the growing pressure for banks to step up their internal procedures for vetting trade finance documents in order to meet the latest regulations and best practices.
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10 March 2017 - Resource

The Evolution of KYC and Beyond

We will take you on a journey through the history of money laundering and the changes in KYC, and dare to glance into the future. Access the recording to learn: The origins of money laundering. The trends and key events that have shaped the regulatory landscape over time. The trends that could force banks to […]
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8 November 2016 - Resource

Anticipating the Regulator – Building Compliance Systems that Are Regulator Ready

Compliance has evolved considerably over the last 10 years with increased rigor and restriction. Regulations have become increasingly stringent, regulators are demanding that audits go deeper, both of which have resulted in demands that compliance officers to show them every aspect of policy implementation. At the same time, we are all in the age of […]
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