Bankers Almanac: KYC Data File

Bankers Almanac Risk & Compliance Portfolio is a suite of scalable solutions containing a range of products to help reduce the burden of your Know Your Customer (KYC) due diligence activities.

Bankers Almanac: KYC Data File contains the content from the Bankers Almanac online services, broken down into key data categories. The data can be used to augment your own inhouse counterparty data, to help make risk assessments more efficient. It is delivered in file format via FTP/SFTP weekly, for direct integration into your in-house data sets and systems. Each new file will overwrite the old one, thus avoiding big file data storage issues.

You will receive the following counterparty information:

  • Legal entity details–including their registered location and identifiers
  • Key contact details–so you can quickly establish relationships
  • Detailed ownership and shareholder information–providing a detailed picture of your counterparties
  • World and country rankings–compare the top-performing financial institutions by territory
  • Links to critical KYC documents–save time collecting and double-checking essential data with more than 630,000 critical documents located in one place

With both the Bankers Almanac: KYC + UBO Data File, you will additionally receive:

  • Access to 9,800+ UBOs across Africa, Asia Pacific Rim, Australasia, Caribbean, Central & Eastern Europe, Latin America, Middle East & North Africa, North America, South Asia, Western Europe & Rest of the world
  • Links to show individual beneficial owners down to 0.1% of ownership

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KYC API that integrates directly into your systems | Bankers Almanac: KYC API

With updated files provided on a weekly basis, you can have confidence that you’re making KYC and due diligence decisions based on the most accurate and timely information available. It also delivers operational efficiencies that allow you to gain a competitive advantage and combat rising costs.

Integrating the data file into your core reference data sets is an ideal way to:

  • Prospect and connect with counterparties faster through increased automation throughout your KYC compliance processes
  • Maintain holistic intelligence for a ‘single view’ of your counterparty that drives the highest confidence in counterparty risk decisions
  • Ensure accurate data is at the core of your counterparty risk decisions while spending less time on manual searches
  • Supplement the data you already have on a banking counterparty

Offered as a standard file or enhanced with UBO details, with optional access to the documents hosted in Bankers Almanac: Due Diligence, Bankers Almanac: KYC Data File scales perfectly to serve your KYC needs.