Fircosoft Portfolio Training Programme

Fircosoft portfolio customers can benefit from high-quality training courses given by professional instructors.


To ensure the best learning conditions the number of attendees is limited to six per session and each trainee is working from a dedicated PC.

Training methods

Our training sessions combine presentations and practical exercises. Questioning is used to check skills acquisition and to reach the learning objectives. Courses are primarily practice orientated, with hands-on exercises and case studies to ensure that trainees learn by “doing”.  An electronic training kit containing information and further reading is distributed to the trainees at the conclusion of each module.


Our training sessions are held in our training centres located in Paris, London, New York, or Singapore. Additionally, they can also be held at your premises as long as the prerequisites are followed. Please note that tailored training courses can also be organised on request.


A quiz is used to validate the trainees’ understanding of each module so Fircosoft portfolio trainers have certainty that the course has been successfully completed. A “Certificate of Proficiency” is awarded to the trainees, based on successful course completion.

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Finding a course to suit your needs

Fircosoft Porfolio Training Programme | Accuity

Our training sessions are held in our centres – located in Paris, London, New York, and Singapore. Courses can also be delivered on your premises with some pre-requisites. We also offer tailored training courses on request.

Should you require any information on training, please contact your dedicated Account Manager or email:

The following Fircosoft portfolio training modules are currently available:

Training Modules
Understanding Fircosoft Filtering Features
Hands-On Filtering with Firco Filter Classic
How to Manage Listed Entities in Firco MultiList Manager
How to Create Business Rules in Firco MultiLaws Manager
How to Test Lists and Rules in Firco ListValidation Manager
Making Decisions on the Alerts in Firco Continuity
Administering Firco Continuity Front-End
Making Decisions on the Alerts in Firco Trust
Administering Firco Trust Front-End
Components and Troubleshooting of Firco Filter Engine


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