All the global caution lists you need from one comprehensive and trusted source

Firco Watch List Data

Accuity’s proprietary compilation of multiple regulatory and enhanced due diligence lists from around the world provides a framework for your compliance screening processes.

We offer Firco List Services sanctions data, a fully optimized and pre-tested solution for sanction screening in our software, and Firco Global WatchList®, which contains a comprehensive collection of caution lists from sanctioning bodies, law enforcement agencies, Politically Exposed Persons (PEP) data, and adverse media.

Firco List Services

We continually test, expand and validate our sanction offering, optimizing it for easy use in our software. The data contains all major sanction lists globally, including synonyms for entity identification, coupled with Firco Resource file, which helps to identify true matches.

Firco Global WatchList®

Accuity’s offering contains enhancements to major sanction lists, making it a unique offering in the marketplace. Enhancements are provided on ownership data, routing codes such as SWIFT/BIC, other local codes, location data and vessel data. It offers comprehensive coverage of PEPs containing unique identifiers for entity identification. Additionally, there are adverse media and enforcements profiles compiled from more than 1,000 enforcement agencies and 35,000 media sources.

EU Dual-Use & Controlled Goods Data

We also offer data that helps to identify potential risks posed to international security in trade transactions. The data includes goods, software and technology that can be used for both civilian and military applications and/or can contribute to the proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD). With our vessel data, you receive information to screen against vessels listed by OFAC, and the intelligence that goes beyond OFAC information to provide you with the beneficial owner, previous names, port of registry, operator, and more.

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