Choose a highly configurable screening solution that ensures you know who you’re doing business with

All relationships should be built on trust

As a large bank, financial institution or corporate, it’s crucial that you know that you’re doing business with right parties and can prove that they are the right people to the regulator. That entails implementing robust due diligence checks on all your customers and counterparties – not just once, but on a regular basis.

If your screening falls short, you face reputational damage, loss of license, personal liability and fines. Plus, you risk being associated with parties connected with terror or fraud.

But as well as implementing rigorous screening, you need to streamline processes to drive business growth and keep spending under control.

Unfortunately, existing manual research processes simply aren’t up to the challenge. You need automation. That’s where Firco Trust comes in: a highly sophisticated and configurable automated solution that helps you screen thousands, even millions of customers at the time of onboarding and regularly.

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