Firco Insight

Discover a customer screening solution that will strategically target risk,
streamline investigations, and boost your operational efficiency.


Gain filtering intelligence

Screening customer accounts and third-parties against sanctions, politically exposed persons (PEPs), reputationally exposed persons (REPs), and other lists is essential for protecting your institution from risk. Yet, most screening solutions are ill-equipped to deliver meaningful intelligence on risk or workflow efficiency.

Firco Insight brings a new level of accuracy to screening while providing the investigation tools your team needs to make informed decisions on sanctions and money laundering risk.

Product Value

Discover a customer screening solution that will strategically target risk,
streamline investigations, and boost your operational efficiency.

Firco Insight is a feature-rich customer and third-party screening and alert management platform. By combining high-performance processing with advanced filtering using our proprietary risk scoring, Firco Insight delivers greater risk intelligence and detection that improves operational efficiency. It provides a deeper understanding of your customer accounts to better weigh the value of the business against any potential risk.

Firco Insight enables you to:

  • Quickly identify and prioritise high-risk entities in your organisation
  • Improve alert management and investigation workflow to optimise compliance resources
  • Reduce false positives to under 1%
  • Speed account resolution
  • Boost operational efficiency

Firco Insight brings together in one system a range of products and services with numerous capabilities.

  • Advanced analytics engine – Entity Resolution Filter provides best-in-class customer screening by uncovering patterns of interaction that indicate probable matches. The filter is supported by our Strength Index and Exposure Index, which prioritise alerts by likelihood and severity so your compliance team can approach adjudication in a logical manner, starting with the most relevant alerts.
  • Data analytics and visualisation – A dashboard with full audit trail details of customer data, reference data, alerts, and user activity provide the transparency and analytic capabilities needed for management and regulatory reporting.
  • Customised workflow – Group and assign alerts based on commercial and private list requirements, different lines of business, and across various geographical jurisdictions to streamline your operations.
  • List management – Save time on list consolidation with this automated service that downloads data from lists of sanctions, PEPs, REPs and other sources. Select from a wide range of lists, all delivered clean and filter-ready to dovetail into your screening workflow and speed alert review.
  • Explainability – Our robust risk methodology is supported by transparency for easier explainability to regulators, better auditability and demonstrable compliance.

Reach a new level of filtering intelligence and streamline your alert management operations with Firco Insight.

Firco Insight Brochure

Firco Insight is a feature-rich account screening and alert management platform that combines account screening filtering intelligence with high-performance processing and scoring capabilities to improve accuracy, eliminate alert overload and increase operational efficiency.

Leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) techniques, Firco Insight reduces false positives and prioritises matches by risk severity and probability. It enables you to pinpoint high-risk accounts and meet financial crime regulatory requirements with confidence.

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