Firco Continuity – Advanced Features

Choose even more control and productivity

Our choice of add-on modules of advanced features can improve control and increase productivity still further.

Stripping Detector

Enables your bank to identify and block amended payments, and protect against processing payments that have been purposefully altered.

Pairing Manager

Facilitates the pairing of related messages in the system for screening to make consistent and related decisions.

Decision Reapplication/ Machine Learning

Enables the automatic repetition of decisions on transactions that are similar, or regularly made.

Workflow Accelerator

Enables alerts to skip early stages in a workflow in order to accelerate the decision-making.

Advanced Reporting

A specific database built for analytics and provides data on the alerted messages, hits and decisions made.

Business Activity Monitoring

Provides real time visibility on queues of transactions in the system and user activity to allow you to identify when an “emergency” action is needed.

Manual Screening

Enables the manual entry of a transaction into the screening process to evaluate its potential risk profile.

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