Firco Continuity

A seamless, real-time transaction screening solution
for large volumes that won’t slow you down.


Transaction screening – a fine balancing act

An explosion in real-time transactions means that money is now moving and settling faster than ever. Implementing rigorous and frictionless transaction screening whilst keeping up with ongoing sanction list updates and global regulatory requirements, is a delicate balancing act. 

Maintain a high straight-through processing rate and safeguard your organisation against financial and reputational risk with Firco Continuity.  

Product Value

A seamless, real-time transaction screening solution for large volumes that won’t slow you down.

Firco Continuity is a market-leading solution that seamlessly screens large volumes of transactions against a wide range of sanctions lists in real time. Automated processes, which reduce manual intervention, combined with a low hit rate provide untapped efficiencies that temper the cost of compliance.

  • Achieve lower false positive rates with enhancements that deliver better matching.
  • Choose from a wide range of lists and data points to enrich the depth of insight.
  • Ensure decision-making is based on the latest and most comprehensive data.

Complexity is inherent in banking, with different data systems, IT infrastructures, compliance teams and workflows across institutions. Fortunately, flexibility and configurability are the hallmarks of Firco Continuity.

Firco Continuity allows for easy integration into a wide range of organisations and IT environments. The solution can be configured to meet your specific organisational structure and risk appetite – without bespoke programming and without compromising the unrivalled screening effectiveness that clients have come to expect.

When you use Firco Continuity, you join a discerning community of users representing the best-of-the-best, so you know you will be well protected.

Firco Continuity maintains high straight-through processing rates while ensuring impeccable regulatory screening.

  • Full visibility into transactions demonstrates proof to auditors and regulators of your compliance policy in action.
  • Advanced reporting and audit functionality provide operational analytics and a thorough audit trail for further explainability.
  • Compliant with ISO 20022 message standards

Our Firco solutions have been awarded the SWIFT Alliance Screening Add-on Label since 2001.

For more information about the SWIFT Certified Application Label please  click here.

Accuity Helps Nationwide Screen Cross-Border Visa Direct Payments in Real-Time

In response to rising customer expectations for low cost, fast international payments, Nationwide wanted to start accepting cross-border transactions enabled by Visa Direct, Visa’s push payment capability that allows cardholders to receive funds to their eligible Visa cards in real-time.

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