Firco Compliance Link – Automated Screening Manager (ASM)

Intelligent, automated screening of your accounts

Compliance Link’s automated screening manager provides intelligent, automated accounts screening with consolidated reviews and a complete audit trail that is regulator-ready. It increases efficiency and saves time by utilising techniques that monitor your input and Global WatchList® (GWL) data as they change over time.

Compliance Link’s automated screening manager ensures that all of your screening is up to date, reducing overall regulatory and reputational risk. By understanding the aspects of your data and the tight coupling with GWL, it knows when and what to screen, reducing overall processing times and manual intervention. After screening and case assignment the workflow notifies assigned users when they are required to review a case. When users access a case, they are presented with all the match information for that record, consolidated across all the selected lists. The comprehensive audit trail shows every step in the compliance process for each input record, even for those that did not produce matches.

Key Features

  • Continuous GWL monitoring of your existing customer database. `Good’ records are sustained and eliminated from future reviews, and new work is made available automatically through workflow and hierarchy
  • A simple UI allowing users to easily search, locate and review available or assigned work quickly and thoroughly
  • Automated notifications – alert users only when they have work to do or actions are made
  • Automatic case lock – when users check out, to avoid duplication of work
  • Consolidation of GWL entities across multiple lists, streamlining the review process
  • An all-inclusive audit trail tracking screening, disposition, input record and configuration history


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