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Today banks, non-banking financial institutions (NBFIs) and corporates face increasing compliance requirements. Regulators are asking for clear audit trails to show transparency of decision making evidence. Finding and collating the information necessary to meet compliance mandates can be a manual process, which can result in inaccurate reporting, slow and inefficient processes or even inadvertent repetition of tasks.

However, if an organisation fails to implement robust due diligence checks on their accounts, trades and transactions screening, they will face reputational damage and/or huge fines. In the last decade, financial institutions (FIs) fines have topped $280bn globally.

Whilst screening is imperative, organisations also need to keep business flowing, keep costs down and reduce time spent doing manual research.

Firco Compliance Link is an automated and comprehensive solution that provides a consolidated view of all account, transaction and trade activity. Additionally, it can be configured to suit individual risk appetite, help reduce false positives and prioritise review time by notifying users when there are potential matches to review.

It allows customers to comply with screening and regulatory requirements by providing a complete audit trail of all screening operations. The application can be installed on-premises or used as SaaS solution.

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The benefits of Firco Compliance Link

Sanctions, PEPs & Transactions Screening | Firco Compliance Link | Accuity

Enhance Operational Efficiency

Conduct automated delta screening every time a Global WatchList® or customer information file updates. ‘Good’ records are kept and eliminated from future reviews (if no details change).

Flexible Screening Setup

Enjoy greater control and fine-tuning capabilities with Automated Screening Manager (ASM), which provides flexible data screening setup.

Save Time with Email Notifications

Receive alerts to save you time, as you enjoy a hands-off screening approach.

User-friendly Interface

Benefit from an intuitive interface that displays all data for a quick and easy review process – it can also adjust its language presentation. Build your own workflow to drive work to the appropriate reviewers.

Professional Services Group

Take advantage of Accuity’s Professional Services Group to help implement Compliance Link. Their comprehensive methodology approach aligns with your business and IT needs, whilst supporting the implementation process through user training.

Excellent features come as standard

Data for Screening

Choose what you screen against; a collection of sanctions lists, data enhancements, politically exposed persons (PEPs), dual-use and controlled goods lists, vessel sanctions and enhanced due diligence lists.

Screening Algorithms

A range of flexible screening profiles and options to meet your organisation’s needs.

Match Management

Enjoy increased productivity and regulatory control with comprehensive case management, workflow and prioritisation tools.

Data Preparation

Get better control of false positive matches as your data is formatted before screening, parsing messages in SWIFT MT, FedACH (including IAT), and Fedwire formats.

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