Firco Compliance Link Version 3.5

Firco Compliance Link latest release offers you – Customised screening duration and a new way to track maritime trade compliance.

Regulatory compliance is not a one-size-fits-all solution, and in this release, Accuity has provided more configurability to suit our customers’ unique regulatory requirements. These features and more are now available.

Compliance Link 3.5 includes the following enhancements:

  • ASM screening duration: New options to screen against sanctions lists for predefined periods of time, improving the way we handle transaction screening
  • ASM Ship Enforcement Alerts (SEA): New functionality to enhance trade compliance
  • Character mapping: A new default file for Latin letters with accents (“high ASCII characters”)
  • Updated technology stack and various framework libraries across Compliance Link to stay up-to-date with the latest security practices

Hosted customers have begun to see these changes after our release on June 16th.

We advise that existing Intranet (installed) customers upgrade to the latest version in order to take advantage of the new features, security and technology updates. Considered a best practice for our clients, upgrading to the newest release ensures that your organisation is equipped with the most current and secure platform for your compliance screening. The latest package for version 3.5 is now available. Please reach out to your Accuity Account Manager to upgrade.

Below you will find detailed information on the new enhancements to Compliance Link and the Automated Screening Manager.

New Features & Updates

The following features have been added or enhanced in Compliance Link:

  • We have updated our technology stack and various framework libraries across Compliance Link to stay up-to-date with the latest security practices.
  • Improved match accuracy for Latin characters with accents in the input data:
    • Extended the default character mapping file to include “high ASCII characters”
    • Created a new character mapping guide for users

With the introduction of Trade Compliance SEA, certain options in Compliance Link have been re-labelled:

  • “Controlled Goods Manager” sidebar menu is now “Trade Compliance Manager”
  • “Controlled Goods Policy” in the screening profile is now “Trade Compliance Policy”

JWT token authentication will now be utilised which secures and authenticates users when navigating between Compliance Link and other modules/applications. This is an improvement from our previous authentication which utilises asymmetric keys.

Please see our installation guides for information on what Intranet customers are required to do while upgrading to this version.

Character Mapping User Guide

ASM - New Features

The following features have been added or enhanced in the automated screening manager:

ASM Screening Recurrence

Administrators can now choose the screening duration for a dataset’s screening instruction(s). This feature determines how long input records are screened against selected sanctions lists. The following features have been added:

  • New screening duration options at the screening instruction level – continuous, custom end date, and one-time only screening
  • A screening expiration date can be set for a specific input record through the ASM Web Service and/or ASM Lookup
  • Case review will now indicate the date of the screening expiration (when applicable)
  • Case search results will now detail the screening expiration date (when applicable)
  • The full audit trail has been enhanced to advise when screening has and has not occurred

ASM Ship Enforcement Alerts (SEA)

Currently, users can screen vessel names and other commodities against Global Watch Lists and Commodities Lists. We will now allow users to track vessel (ship) movements and receive alerts when vessels enter sanctioned ports. Tracking is done by matching International Maritime Organization (IMO) numbers with vessels in the input record. The following features have been added:

  • New trade compliance screening for a vessel’s journey
  • Search for specific Vessel IMO’s through the ASM Lookup
  • New data type to enter vessel IMO numbers in a dataset
  • Case review will display a new Sub-case type for vessel alerts
  • Alerts for when a vessel enters a sanctioned port or is in the proximity of a sanctioned port
  • Vessel history to provide users with a vessel’s holistic journey for the past twelve months

Other ASM Enhancements

  • New column for unchanged records has been added to the import master dataset screen
  • Removed screening history in case review page to enhanced performance
  • Screening history will now display in the printable page and full audit trial screen
  • Increased size of the review notes box on the case review screen
  • “Controlled Goods Policy” in the screening instructions re-labelled as “Trade Compliance Policy”
  • Framework libraries have been updated

ASM Screening Recurrence User Guide

ASM Ship Enforcement Alerts User Guide

Version 3.5 Document Resources

Please select the available documents below for further information about our new features and updated release notes. Our support team will send them to you upon request.

Version 3.5 Release Notes
Compliance Link Administrator Guide
Compliance Link Character Mapping User Guide
ASM Screening Recurrence User Guide
ASM Ship Enforcement Alerts User Guide