Firco Alert Investigation Service

Entity resolution and managing high volumes of undifferentiated alerts are a significant challenge for most organisations. As the alert backlog grows, so does potential risk.

Often, regulators are first to identify an issue – putting increased pressure on organisations to remediate alerts urgently.

Firco Alert Investigation Service are a specialist team within Professional Services, who bring together the capabilities of Firco Entity Resolution Filter, our advanced risk identification engine, with their deep domain expertise and understanding of clients’ policies and risk appetites. This enables Firco Alert Investigation Team to deliver lookback and alert remediation services faster – and with greater precision – than external consultants.

Our Firco Alert Investigation team in action

Case Study: A large regional bank M&A Risk Assessment

Case study: Lookback investigation for a large credit card issuer under consent order

Our services include

Cloud-Based Lookback Service – Provides valuable insight on risk from which to expedite an investigation, remedy a regulatory action, perform due diligence for a merger or acquisition, conduct a compliance self-audit or validate an AML program.

Firco Alert Remediation Service – A fast and effective alert remediation service to clear alert backlogs, prioritise risk, and speed discovery for time-sensitive due diligence.

Proof of Value – Uses a sample of an organisation’s database to demonstrate the value of Firco Entity Resolution Filter in uncovering hidden risk and prioritising alerts for adjudication. This service is offered to qualified organisations prior to contracting with Accuity.

Firco Alert Investigation Service benefits

  • Speed – AI techniques in Firco Entity Resolution Filter along with the Firco Alert Remediation Service industry and domain expertise expedite alert review.
  • Flexibility – risk thresholds are highly adjustable to manage the flow of alerts while ensuring alignment with an organisation’s risk policies.
  • Accuracy – our advanced entity resolution filter delivers high quality, highly relevant prioritised alerts with fewer false positives.
  • Explainability – leveraging both technology and expertise delivers more effective screening and greater, more meaningful insight into processes and results.
  • Scalability – services can be scaled to meet changes in volume and staff resources.