Global Watchlist® and Online Compliance Privacy Information

The Accuity Global WatchList® datafile and Online Compliance product have a comprehensive database of profiles of individuals and organisations that pose a potential risk to the financial system. These solutions are used to identify individuals and companies linked to over fifty different risk categories and provide a means to stay in compliance with mounting regulatory requirements while protecting organisations’ reputations.

The Accuity Global WatchList® and Online Compliance product aggregate the information that is available to the general public via the Internet to provide in-depth profiles to Accuity’s customers for due diligence and to comply with laws regarding issues such as anti-terrorism and anti-money laundering.  The data sources for these products include global lists of sanctions, politically exposed people, enforcement actions, and adverse media. For additional information about Global WatchList® and Online Compliance, please visit

Data Request: You may request a copy of the information about you that is available through the Accuity Global WatchList® and Online Compliance products. This service is free of charge. To make your request, please contact our Privacy Information Manager at Upon receipt of your request, we will contact you to obtain information to verify your identity prior to disclosing to you any personal information maintained within these products. Any information collected to verify your identity will be used only to fulfil your request for information of the data we hold within the Global WatchList® and Online Compliance products.

Although Accuity takes steps to ensure the accuracy of such data, information available through our products may contain errors. If you identify any errors in the Global WatchList® and Online Compliance information we hold on you, you may request to have these errors corrected by providing all supporting documentation and evidence. Because some of the information is derived from third-party sources, Accuity may be unable to correct or change such Global WatchList® and Online Compliance data, and you may need to approach the source of the data to have inaccurate data corrected.