Bankers Almanac for Risk and Compliance

Each correspondent relationship brings added compliance risks that, if not assessed correctly, can lead to potential fines and damage to reputation, which is why it’s imperative that financial institutions know who they’re dealing with when conducting KYC and due diligence on correspondent banks. That’s why they rely on Bankers Almanac for Risk & Compliance—and why Bankers Almanac can be found in virtually every major financial institution. Bankers Almanac provides detailed information on financial institutions around the world and enables banks to confidently manage counterparty risk decisions.

What makes Bankers Almanac’s data the most trusted in the industry?

Bankers Almanac proactively collects information directly from banks and primary sources, providing accurate and comprehensive intelligence. The data is compiled and regularly updated by a team of 140 data analysts, working in 19 languages, to provide the utmost in confidence.

Entrust your good name to the experts who have been protecting the reputations of banks for generations. Insist on certainty and reach for Bankers Almanac.