ISO 20022: Preparing for a New Payment Standard

ISO 20022 is an open and freely available common standard language for payments messaging.

It was developed to replace a proliferation of disparate message formats that arose over the years in line with the growth of the internet, other technological advancements, and specific jurisdictional requirements.

ISO 20022 offers a flexible infrastructure that facilitates information exchange and helps to harmonise the payments language between old and new technologies.

By getting the financial community on the same page and speaking the same language, this new standard helps to eliminate the barriers that slow down global payments, add cost, and complicate compliance.

Accuity can help you adapt your financial crime screening and payment validation solutions in preparation for ISO 20022. 

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A Guide to ISO 20022 and its Impact on Financial Crime Screening

The latest whitepaper from Accuity explores the changing market dynamics that have given rise to the need for a common payment messaging standard. It takes a closer look at the benefits of ISO 20022, outlines best practices for migration and provides insight to help organisations better understand the impact on financial crime screening.

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