Accuity solutions give the insurance industry the power to be compliant while maintaining the best possible customer experience. We work with companies across the entire sector – from health insurers, to marine insurers and reinsurers. You can count on Accuity to help detect financial crime and ensure sanctions compliance.

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Stay ahead of regulatory requirements

  • Ensure that you do not breach sanctions regulations from bodies including OFAC, UN, EU or HMT
  • Meet international requirements from FATF and the 5th Anti-Money Laundering Directive surrounding politically exposes persons (PEPs)

Fully understand the risk of your customers

  • Increase your screening scope to include a comprehensive view of your customers’ network associates and screen changes to beneficiaries and insured policy holders on an on-going basis
  • Access the industry’s largest database of high-risk entities, including sanctions, PEPs, adverse media, and enforcement data

Improve system efficiency and customer satisfaction

  • On-board insureds quickly and effectively, while remaining compliant
  • Quickly screen verify claims and uphold customer satisfaction
  • Fully customise solutions to suit your own risk-appetite: screen and differentiate risks by type of policy product
  • Regularly screen your clients throughout the policy lifespan and get alerts if risk levels change
  • Create a clear audit trail

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