Benchmarking and Trends in Financial Crime Screening

As financial institutions face increasing fines for shortcomings in their compliance processes, the technology to support financial crime screening continues to evolve.

Our research study, Benchmarking and Trends in Financial Crime Compliance Screening, was conducted in collaboration with Chartis Research and revealed a number of financial crime screening trends, as well as determining the current industry benchmarks.

Highlights of the research included:

  • Organisations are prioritising accuracy over speed as regulatory fines reach record levels
  • Overall confidence in technology innovation, especially with cloud, AI, and robotic process automation, is outpacing regulation
  • 66% of financial institutions face the significant challenge of achieving lower false positive rates, placing a burden on compliance departments

Organisations must develop a clear strategy to ensure they adhere to the ever-more complex web of international regulations, whilst operating with maximum efficiency.

Explore the resources below to gain insight into the current financial crime compliance screening technology trends and to benchmark your organisation against the market.

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