Addressing the challenges facing the gaming & gambling industry today and tomorrow

The gambling ecosystem today is characterised by operators needing to balance the ongoing rise in online and mobile gaming & gambling activity happening against a backdrop of ever-increasing industry regulation. We are seeing an emphasis on preventing money laundering and combating the financing of terrorism (AML/CFT), as well as continued pressure from industry bodies for gambling operators to promote player safety.

This places the onus on gaming & gambling operators for:

This solution whilst not simple, is straightforward. Implement a robust solution to facilitate comprehensive processes that reduce all risks related to concerns of non-compliance with (AML/CFT) regulation.

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At Accuity we are empowering gaming & gambling organisations to create efficient payments routing and AML/CFT processes as an integrated solution that enables them to deliver a seamless and dependable user experience that delights customers whilst enabling them to remain regulatory compliant.

We strive to be your payment & compliance partner of choice:

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Optimising your payment and compliance processes

Accuity AML/CFT compliance solutions enable:

Accuity payments data routing solutions enable:

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