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Union SystemsUnion Systems Limited (USL) is an Information Technology Company focused on the implementation and support of advanced software systems for leading banks and financial institutions. For over 20 years, USL has been implementing advanced software systems and providing technical support for banks in Nigeria, Ghana and Kenya. Today, the Company serves three of the top four banks in Nigeria and includes major banks in Ghana and Kenya as customers.

Since the company was formed in 1993, USL has developed strong partnerships with international blue-chip organisations including IBM, Oracle, Finastra, Mitratech, 01 Systems and Accuity Fircosoft.

The USL approach of delivering effective solutions starts with a clear, common understanding of the needs of each customer. Working in partnership with the bank, we agree on the area of business that can best deliver high growth and profitability. High growth is achieved by delivering financial products and services to the market that the customer values and is willing to pay for. Profitability is increased not only by selling more products and services but, at the same time, reducing overheads and maintaining compliance.

As an Accuity Fircosoft partner, USL helps banks based in Africa expand the scope and depth of their payment transaction screening and improve their customer on-boarding processes. USL uses local knowledge and resources to provide market-leading compliance solutions with implementation and support services to local financial institutions. These include Firco Continuity for transactions screening and Firco Trust for customer and third-party screening. USL can also assist customers in obtaining the Accuity trade finance solution, Firco Trade Compliance, plus the associated data lists as required.

The ability of the Accuity Fircosoft flagship product, Firco Continuity, to integrate with any payment gateway such as the Swift Gateway, significantly eases the payment screening process for banks and enables USL banking clients to reduce the risk of dealing with entities which may be subject to international sanctions or connected to financial crime.


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