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Mitigate Trade Sanctions and Export Risk to Keep Goods Moving Quickly and Reliably.

Accuity Solutions for Freight and Cargo Companies

More than ever, the world relies on carriers and freight forwarders to move goods expediently to every corner of the globe. But concern over compliance can impact where a company is willing to do business.

Accuity solutions help you remain compliant at all points and with all parties in the shipping process.


Freight and Cargo Insight


Aneta Klosek / March 4, 2020

Cargo Compliance: A Competitive Move

In the cargo sector, better compliance isn’t only about protecting your business; it’s also about improved competitive advantage for carriers.

Protecting the reputation of your business brand and employees – that is the prime reason you comply with sanction regulations and ensure financial crime compliance, right? Yes, but it’s by no means the whole picture, according to our snapshot survey of air cargo carriers and freight forwarders.

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