Bankers Almanac for Payments

Why choose Bankers Almanac for Payments?

bankers almanac for payments

When accurate bank and routing data sit at the core of your payments processes, you save time, drive efficiency, protect your reputation, and build the trust of your clients. Process payments to and from anywhere in the world with confidence with the Bankers Almanac suite of payments solutions, powered by accurate, up-to-date financial institution data and routing information trusted throughout the industry.

Bankers Almanac delivers the data-enabled tools you need to validate payment codes, improve the certainty of a settlement, compress processing cycles, and reduce settlement risk for better rates of straight-through processing.

As payment processing cycles grow ever shorter, Bankers Almanac will continue to deliver the innovative solutions that help banks, corporations, and other organisations improve the customer experience and get the deal done.

An approach that builds trust

Bankers Almanac proactively collects information directly from banks and primary sources, providing accurate and comprehensive intelligence. The data is compiled and regularly updated by a team of 140 data analysts, working in 19 languages, to provide the utmost in confidence.