Global and Regional Payments

For payments professionals, finding and consolidating accurate data is only one of many challenges faced today. Increased globalisation of client business requires overcoming language, information, and technology barriers, while corporate clients often supply missing or inaccurate data that puts your organisation at risk.

With Bankers Almanac’s suite of comprehensive solutions, you can process cross-border and in-region payments with the speed and accuracy your business demands.

Our Bankers Almanac for Payments portfolio provides:

  • A single source for domestic and cross-border payment information that reduces payment errors, increases your efficiency, and helps you meet tight deadlines
  • Simple and intuitive tools with daily inputs of bank branches, SSIs, national clearing codes, and more
  • Technical support professionals who can help you get the most from your data

When you put Bankers Almanac at the core of your payment processes, you inspire confidence at every turn.

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