Financial Counterparty KYC

Collecting information directly from counterparties can be labour intensive, and counterparties can be slow to respond, making it difficult to acquire accurate information related to their business. Regulatory requirements continue to expand and take on new levels of complexity, forcing up the costs of doing business and staying compliant.

How can you mitigate the risks of doing business while staying agile and competitive? With insights into your counterparties provided by accurate and comprehensive intelligence. With data compiled, verified, and regularly updated through a rigorous methodology unmatched in the industry.

Bankers Almanac counterparty KYC solutions offer a single source for global intelligence on financial institutions—with access to more than 23,000 banks worldwide—allowing you to improve your operational efficiency while making more informed decisions about your correspondent banks.

With our financial counterparty KYC solutions, you’re able to:

  • Assess your risk with data and proof documentation, so you can see straight through to a financial institution’s ultimate beneficial owner
  • Streamline the collection of your KYC data and due diligence documentation, reducing the time spent on manual and repetitive tasks
  • Maintain a holistic view of your counterparty using accurate intelligence that’s updated regularly to ensure the quality of your risk assessment
  • Protect your organisation in the event of an audit with an automatically documented audit trail

Protect your reputation and improve your internal processes with Bankers Almanac financial counterparty KYC solutions.