Account Screening

Knowing who you’re in business with is more critical today than ever before. Ever-evolving sanctions and regulations are placing an increasingly heavy burden on banks and corporates to screen and identify customers, partners, and counterparties who could be engaged in illicit financial activities, associated with sanctioned regions, or are politically exposed persons (PEPs).

Ensure your organisation is well protected against regulatory and reputational risk with solutions from Fircosoft. Our account screening solutions help you comply with sanctions, PEP, and adverse media regulations with our comprehensive and accurate data.

Many of the largest financial institutions—and numerous corporations—around the world depend on Fircosoft for customer and entity screening and data.

With Fircosoft compliance solutions, you can:

  • Identify individuals, companies, and locations requiring extra due diligence before onboarding
  • Optimise and tune your filtering process to your risk appetite and to reduce false positives
  • Convert your manual paper-based processes to an automated process with a centralised audit trail

Know who you’re in business with using account screening solutions from Fircosoft.

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