Transaction Screening

Helping you to validate and make payments, quickly.

Firco solutions are designed with customers, for customers, to offer you sophisticated, robust, and efficient real-time transaction screening.

Our scalable transaction screening solutions enable organisations of all sizes and sophistication to ensure sanctions compliance, reduce illegal transaction processing risk, and establish readiness for regulatory scrutiny.

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We can help you:

    • Reduce your compliance burden with easy to use and readily accessible solutions
    • Help you to prevent proliferation of financial crime by providing you with greater insight into your financial counterparties
    • Enable you to configure your workflows to map to your own internal processes and make the right decisions for your organisation
    • Minimise the need for human tuning and intervention and help keep your organisational costs down

Our solutions provide you with the flexibility, precision and control you need for increased efficiency, greater effectiveness and improved regulator explainability.

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Firco Continuity for transaction screening.