Transact Pro Case Study – Streamlining operational efficiency through Firco Compliance Link

Learn how Transact Pro implemented fast compliance solutions for on-boarding and transaction processing that take seconds to complete.

Transact Pro was the first licenced electronic money institution to provide payment services in Latvia. They offer debit card insurance services for corporate customers and online payment acceptance. Transact Pro is in an industry that is rapidly changing and it is essential for them to maintain their competitive advantage in the long-term. In order to maintain competitive advantage, they required an automated compliance solution to accommodate their growing company needs and sought Accuity’s help to provide this solution.

In the following case study, learn how Accuity helped Transact Pro transform their compliance process through:

  • seconds to screen during an on-boarding process
  • seconds to screen during a transaction process
  • non-invasive implementation
  • improved customer satisfaction through time saved during the processes.