PASHA Bank Case Study

Learn how a leading Georgian Bank implemented robust compliance measures, transformed their customers’ experience, and achieved great time-saving efficiencies

PASHA Bank Georgia had manual systems in place to perform anti-money laundering (AML) compliance, but it needed to implement a more robust, efficient, and automated solution to help prove to regulators and correspondent banks that PASHA Bank Georgia has a consistent and accurate approach to AML compliance.

In this case study, learn how Firco Compliance Link helped PASHA Bank to:

  • Implement robust compliance measures and satisfy regulators without interrupting business as usual.
  • Achieve excellent efficiencies. For example, through reducing manual processes in on-boarding and transactions processes, the bank now saves 11011 hours of employee time per year (or 5.3 years of employee time). This employee time can now be spent on more important tasks.
  • Transform their customers’ experience, where before customers would have to wait 20 minutes to see whether their transactions would be approved. Now, in most cases it is processed instantly.