Online Compliance – Easy online screening for KYC compliance

The need for more accurate and efficient Know Your Customer (KYC) checks is growing, with banks, non-banking financial institutions (NBFIs) and corporates risking huge damage if they fail to implement robust due diligence checks on their customers and counterparties. With the need to manage risk and protect their reputation, banks and NBFIs need to ensure that they avoid both costly fines and that their activity is not associated with fraudulent or terrorist-supporting organisations. The pressure on Know Your Customer (KYC) compliance teams is increasing, compounded by the need to onboard customers quickly, despite the costly and time-consuming manual processes.

Firco Online Compliance is an online lookup tool that allows you to easily check comprehensive data on sanctions, politically exposed persons (PEPs), adverse media and enforcement agencies. Through a powerful combination of performance and time-saving efficiency, Online Compliance can replace manual research methods, enhance your KYC efforts and ensure that your processes perform better, with fewer false positive hits and faster onboarding to support your growing business.