Fircosoft Live Services Positioning Paper

Looking to move from operational compliance to holistic oversight?

In the last decade, there has been a rapid growth in regulations and controls imposed on the financial community. With sanctions becoming used more and more as a tool of foreign policy, this trend is unlikely to change. Regulations are constantly changing and the end-to-end screening process is ever more complex, so banks are faced with an expanding volume of events to review in order to prove that compliance is being adhered to.

Compliance and operational departments can now turn to technology to create a global view of their compliance screening while still working within budgetary constraints. An automated system, facilitating this solution and minimising human intervention and possibility of error while securing the process and demonstrating compliance policy in action.

Firco Live Services provides visibility and control over the entire screening operation, satisfying the needs of compliance and operation teams, as well as the regular. In time, it provides an opportunity for a platform for greater collaboration between banks fighting financial crime.