Financial CrimeCast Series: KYC Transformation – From Dream to Reality (Part 2)

Culture Shifts and Future States

The second of a two-part series examining KYC transformation through automation, in conversation with Dalbir Sahota, VP of Bankers Almanac Financial Institutions KYC at Accuity and hosted by the Association of Certified Financial Crime Specialists (ACFCS).

What do KYC and TripAdvisor have in common?

The connection between know-your-customer (KYC) and a popular travel review website may not be immediately obvious. But through their focus on aggregating useful data that helps with decision-making, online review sites like TripAdvisor could offer a glimpse into the future of KYC programs, according to compliance expert Dalbir Sahota.

Getting to that future state requires transformation of KYC programs, and automation plays a key role, reducing manual tasks in an effort to drive down cost and increase consistency. Transformation is not a technological challenge alone, though – People are at the heart of any effective compliance program, and KYC is no exception.

In this episode, Dalbir Sahota focuses on the human side of that transformation, exploring how to manage cultural shifts, training customers and much more. It also delves into KYC utilities, and considers the ideal state KYC years in the future.

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