Different Types / Levels of PEPs

Is the PEP a risky PEP or a non-risky PEP?

Anyone entrusted with a public office—and individuals who are closely associated to them—can be considered a PEP. Therefore, PEPs can be anyone ranging from town or village councillors up to the national cabinet level or the senior management for state-owned enterprises.

All of these individuals can be considered risky due to the prominence and influence they have on society.

Accuity ranks our PEP database according to four categories:

Level                     Definition
International       PEPs representing a multinational body (e.g., European Union)

National               PEPs holding a political position at the national level (e.g., Prime Minister)

State                      PEPs holding a political position at the state level (e.g., Regional Council)

Local                     PEPs holding a political position at the local level (e.g., City Mayor)

Accuity has produced a handy infographic that summarises information on who should be classified as a Politically Exposed Person.