Bankers Almanac Risk & Compliance Portfolio

Bankers Almanac Risk & Compliance portfolio can support a range of organisations with their KYC and pre-screening needs.

For teams that work within departments such as;

  • KYC departments,
  • Client services management,
  • Compliance operations,
  • and pre-screening departments

Whose role/responsibilities include;

  • Conducting KYC checks on new customers and performing periodic reviews of existing customers
  • Using key data to identify and contact potential prospective customers
  • Performing KYC and compliance checks on medium & high risk entities
  • Using intelligence on high risk entities to make a recommendation based on risk level to their team/organisation
  • Reaching out to contact customers to work with them to set up payments

Bankers Almanac provides instant access to unrivalled intelligence on global financial institutions and over 630,000 completed and time stamped KYC documents. Users are able to use the rich data to maintain their business relationships or grow their global network. Bankers Almanac follows a rigorous methodology so that we can provide you with data directly sourced from the world’s banks, to help you make key business decisions, assess the potential risk of on-boarding new correspondent partners, and ensure regulatory compliance.

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