Banco Postal Case Study

Learn how Banco Postal is working to promote financial inclusion, strengthen trust and security within Angola’s financial sector, and safeguard customers from financial crime risk.

Banco Postal, a new bank in Angola, is dedicated to ethical conduct and working on the front line in the fight against social exclusion and poverty. Founded by public and private Angolan shareholders (Correios Angola, ENSA, EGM Capital and C8 Capital) in September 2016, the bank has pursued its mission to promote sustainable job creation and boost the national economy, through financial inclusion and the formalising of commercial activities.

Through its innovative approach to banking in the region, Banco Postal is addressing several
critical challenges:

  • Making banking services available and affordable to the unbanked
    population, often deprived of the required documentation or without the means
    to access banking services
  • Building trust by providing services that are both secure and straightforward
  • Meeting international compliance standards to build a global reputation and
    secure important correspondent banking relationships