18 March 2019 - Resource

Negative News Impact: Five Best Practices for Adverse Media Screening

Institutions need to develop policies and procedures to identify and manage high-risk entities such as those exposed through adverse media.
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Firco Filter 5.8
24 September 2018 - Resource

Firco Filter 5.8 Whitepaper

Firco Filter 5.8 helps keep our customers one step ahead in managing the significant complexities in screening and filtering to ensure regulator readiness.
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11 July 2018 - Resource

Virtual Currencies, the Wild West of Finance?

When it comes to protecting your reputation and minimizing risk, are you concerned about virtual currencies? As the use of virtual currencies develops, regulators are confronted with a decentralized technological paradigm that can be difficult to regulate or ban, providing fertile grounds for financial crime risks. This report highlights not only financial crime risks attached […]
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27 June 2018 - Resource

Why an Efficient Payment Ecosystem is Key to Cracking the Region’s E-Commerce Potential

As more companies take their businesses online, deficiencies in the current payment ecosystem in the region will surface. For Latin America, this means having to work with payment service providers and FinTechs to offer local payment options such as cash vouchers. However, for start-ups servicing these gaps in the financial system the challenge will be […]
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24 January 2018 - Resource

Money Laundering and Real Estate: Why the Real Estate Sector Should Prepare for Regulation

This report analyses the impact that anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist financing legislation is having on real estate transactions around the world.
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13 October 2017 - Resource

Fircosoft Live Services Positioning Paper

In this positioning paper, learn how Firco Live Services can improve the screening process by removing human intervention while still complying with budgetary constraints and regulator requirements.
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7 April 2017 - Resource

Managing a Growing Threat

Trade finance is a crucial artery for the world’s economy, with the World Trade Organisation estimating that between 80 – 90% of global trade relying on this method of financing. Rapid growth and regulators’ ability to identify conventional money laundering techniques have made international trade an attractive avenue to move illicit goods. In our whitepaper […]
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Businessmen discussing data
3 January 2017 - Resource

Treating ‘DysPEPsia’ Whitepaper

Guidelines provided by governmental and regulatory bodies surrounding Politically Exposed Persons, or PEPs, can be highly ambiguous. This is contrary to many other aspects of customer due diligence which seem straightforward in comparison. In our whitepaper Treating ‘DysPEPsia’ find out how to: Diagnose any PEP screening problems Ensure your PEP solution is fit for purpose […]
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29 November 2016 - Resource

The Challenges of AML for Law Firms 2016

The results of the Challenges of AML for Law Firms 2016 survey from Accuity, have been collated in this report to help law firms benchmark their compliance strategies against the market.
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2 September 2016 - Resource

Selecting the Right Databases

Choosing the correct sanctions lists for a screening process: a critical decision.
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