Vessel Alert and Tracking
29 March 2018 - Resource

More transparency needed on sanctioned vessels

Tom Golding, Managing Director for Risk and Compliance at Accuity, recently talked to Lloyd’s List about the current challenges banks and regulators face when it comes to obtaining the right data on vessels for trade compliance screening.
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Businessman performing transactions via mobile and computer
22 November 2017 - Resource

PSD2: unintended consequences

Robert McKay, Managing Director of Accuity, tells FX-MM that while PSD2 presents an opportunity for consumers, banks, payment providers and merchants, it may inhibit straight-through processing.
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13 October 2017 - Resource

Risk and reward

This article for Fintech Finance explores the issues surrounding derisking and decline of correspondent banking in a conversation with Tom Golding, MD of Risk and Compliance for Accuity, along with the solutions being developed to tackle this.
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13 October 2017 - Resource

How to manage the risks of sanctions in trade finance

In this article with GTR, Heather Lee (Director of Risk and Compliance Strategy at Accuity) looks into how banks and financial institutions can keep ahead of their trade finance screening and avoid the risks associated with it.
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Fintech finance 'Doing it by the book'
25 August 2017 - Resource

Doing it by the book: financial routing – is risk on the rise?

Will an unintended consequence of regulation be a dangerous, two-tier global financial payments system? asks Bob McKay, MD for Accuity
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Payments Solutions cogwheels
13 July 2017 - Resource

Faster payments: what does it mean for compliance?

In this article, Henry Balani, the Global Head of Strategic Affairs at Accuity, examines how anti-money laundering and KYC compliance regulations are likely to impact the adoption of instant payments.
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20 June 2017 - Resource

Enhancing payments certainty in an evolving global landscape article

Robert McKay, Managing Director at Accuity, discusses the challenges and opportunities facing established and new payments service providers alike, in this interview with Financial IT.
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FX-MM Data Accuracy Survey
19 June 2017 - Resource

Payments data accuracy: the lifeblood of business

FX-MM’s inaugural payments processing survey shows the critical importance of payments data accuracy for banks and corporates as they seek to grow their businesses and increase their presence across the world.
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15 June 2017 - Resource

Banker Masterclass video series: Future-proofing your reputation in payments

Watch our Banker Masterclass video series and read our article about future-proofing your reputation in payments
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29 March 2017 - Resource

Banker Masterclass Video Series: ‘The Art of the Possible’ in Compliance, Risk and Payments

In the ever-changing world of operations, data analysis and use require a more pragmatic approach in order to achieve compliance and efficiency. In this video series, Accuity examines how banks can walk the fine line between innovator and risk taker, and how regulations and a shifting business landscape is affecting both payments and compliance and […]
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