Bankers Almanac Payments APIs

Achieve Straight-Through Processing

Mistakes happen. When customers provide you payment information, around nine percent of details contain human error, plus information can be outdated and incomplete. This means one in eight bank payments can fail and need to be manually fixed.

You can automate the process of correcting and improving your payment information. Our APIs cross-check information against up-to-date payment and compliance rules covering over 180 countries, validating and enriching the information you submit.

Deploy our API wherever you need payment data to be improved, including in your product, business application or core system. The result is a high straight-through processing rate that improves your customer experience and eliminates your costs of fixing payments.

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Receive Accurate Payment Information

Once deployed in your product, our payment API notifies and guides your customers as they type to provide you all the correct information to ensure their payment goes through, without fail. In addition, our APIs automatically add information like bank details and standard settlement instructions (SSIs), saving time for your customers.

Validate API

Digital banks, fintech, and modernising SMEs rely on Validate. The API is easy to deploy and comes with straightforward developer and management tools so you can easily manage everything in house, without developing new tools. Validate can usually be released to market within three months. Pricing is on a simple per validation basis.

Global Payments Web Service

Banks, corporates, and big tech companies that require an API solution with extended features use Global Payments Web Service. Benefits include the ability to host the API on-premises. Get access to clearing codes and systems, SSIs and also validate IBANs and domestic codes all through one web service.

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Validate, and Global Payments Web Service