Trade Compliance – The features of our all-in-one solution

Automate screening when updates occur, flagging where you need to take action

Firco Trade Compliance provides a comprehensive and intelligent approach to screening for trade finance – combining advanced and enhanced features:

  • tailor each screening field to give optimal screening results and manage false positive rates
  • rely on on-going screening to alert you to change to the risk of trades over time
  • manage your matches effectively through case management
  • analyse and escalate matches and distribute hits for review by different departments or persons
  • advanced workflow – support maker/checker set up
  • use your own internal dual-use or high-risk goods list for screening through the Controlled Goods Manager
  • update your trade cases as the regulations list changes, flagging cases for your review with automated screening manager
  • enhanced global regulation list constantly updated
  • shipping and vessels – includes critical data not provided by OFAC, including additional information such as beneficial owner, previous names, IMO number, port of registry and operator
  • location sanctions – details of principle cities, towns, airports and seaports of all fully sanctioned countries, thus ensuring compliance for your trade operation
  • goods – comprehensive dual-use and controlled goods data which is available in electronic format allowing more efficient and accurate screening.
  • companies and organisations – Firco lists include companies owned by sanctioned governments, locations and subsidiaries of designated companies
  • people – extensive global coverage of Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs), including family members and associates, enhanced with unique identifiers

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Vessel sanctions and dual-use goods

We have two invaluable features that give you the most comprehensive data on vessel sanctions and screening for dual-use goods.

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