Gain quick and easy access to sort code data for every UK bank and building society branch participating in UK clearing systems.

Sorting Codes Online is an easy-to-use secure online look up tool accessed via your browser that provides you with accurate, reliable, and up-to date sort code and clearing information at your fingertips. Our data team implement data updates weekly, giving you the confidence that your payments will process quickly and efficiently using the most up to date information available in the market.

Using our Sorting Codes Online look up tool you can instantly;

Sorting Codes Online look up also performs account number validation via modulus checking.

By populating both the sort code and account number fields, you can perform account number validation which uses the modulus algorithms associated with the specific sort code.

Modulus checking ensures that account numbers are checked against bank sort codes, helping support your needs for data quality. This is especially useful for payroll managers to improve the operation of PAYE when submitting BACS Direct Credit or Direct Debits.

The Sorting Codes Online look up is simple to use and no training is required.  For any questions please refer to our FAQ’s section.

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