Payment Solutions for Corporates

In today’s fast moving, highly connected digital economy, corporates of all sizes agree that regardless of how many payments they process daily, the key goal of their payment strategy should be to create the best possible customer experience for all parties in the payments value chain that match their best payment experiences.

Allied to this, having access to accurate and reliable data is essential for managing complex payments to vendors, partners and employees in multiple countries and currencies around the world. Without it, payment processing inefficiencies can lead to higher processing costs potentially damaging reputations and client relationships, as well as hurting the overall business. Indeed, the damage from hidden costs of failed payments can be hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars each year.

Watch our video below to discover the real cost of failed payments and what that could mean for your business.

Key Challenges for Corporates

Delayed, incorrectly routed and rejected payments instructions needing repair result in significant issues for all parties in the payments value chain.

  • Supply chain disruption
  • Reputational damage caused through failed or late payments
  • Supplier/vendor on-boarding processes too lengthy/onerous

Slowed or stopped supply chain activity

  • Too much operational time spent on manual data entry
  • High costs incurred for maintaining accurate bank master data
  • Stale/duplicate records held in bank master data files

Delayed payments to domestic and cross border vendors, partners and employees

  • Expansion into new markets is hindered
  • New sales opportunities not maximised
  • Increased operational costs incurred for payment repair management
  • Added costs of bank charges for repairs and rejections adversely affect profitability

Missed sales opportunities and reduced liquidity

How Accuity can help you

The Accuity suite of payment routing data services enriches your digital payment processes with data trusted by corporates of all sizes and in every area of the world. Accuity payment services provide you with the following key benefits;

  • Seamless on-boarding of vendors, partners and employees to optimise supply chain connectivity by utilising Accuity payment routing data uploaded directly and efficiently into your ERP system by the method of your choice utilising our unique bank master data uploader tool.
  • Optimise all domestic and cross border payment instructions to maximise frictionless payment efficiency benefits – create flawless payments instructions first time, every time.
  • Optimise sales opportunities and liquidity by minimising operational overheads incurred from excessive manual intervention and reduced repair / banks costs. Savings go directly to your bottom line.

Access our full suite of payment routing data services built for corporates making payments in today’s highly connected, digital world.

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