We have a strong team of consulting professionals available to help support our customers in the adoption of our innovative solutions.  Each project is as unique as our customers’ requirements and our consultants work hand in hand with the client’s onsite teams to ensure we achieve the desired result. Our services include solution design, project planning and management, installation, system configuration, technical support and training.

This globally dispersed team are highly qualified and versatile. Many come with client-side experience and are well-rounded individuals who can provide a full range of services, from technical to functional aspects of the solution delivery. As a result, in some instances, fewer external consultants are necessary to ensure the project is delivered to your satisfaction. With wide exposure to the market across the globe, our consultants bring a unique vision on best practices, business rules used and most common configurations of the screening system. While our consultants are not obligatory to the client’s screening solution implementation, most of our customers chose to benefit from their skills and experience.

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