Firco Trust – Features

Exceptional features come as standard

With a combination of performance and time-saving efficiency Firco Trust provides extensive research with a range of exceptional features and capabilities.

Batch, real time and on-demand.

  • Batch filtering enables you to check against large customers files (millions of records) against any list including sanctions, PEPs internal lists or third party lists including World-Check, Accuity or Dow Jones.
  • Real-time filtering is designed for account opening and is fully integrated into your environment and source systems. The solution automatically detects high-risk customers before opening a new account, or high-risk counterparts before starting a new relationship.
  • On-Demand provides users with a stand-alone environment for ad hoc queries on customers or counterparty information. You can use this option for browser-based manual checks during the Customer Identification Process (CIP).

Configurable Business Line Settings

You can configure different filtering settings to match the risk policy for each business line, such as different filtering settings for different demographics.

Reporting and Audit Trail

Get audit reports with statistics and highlighted hits. End of day reports include statistics, a list of the records, details on the records and decisions taken by users. Reports can be easily emailed or exported into MS Word, MS Excel or XML.

Powerful Filtering Engine

Our powerful filtering engine determines in milliseconds if a record or a name matches the blocked-parties lists selected, ensuring that all risky parties are identified.

By utilising a combination of artificial intelligence, fuzzy logic and your choice of over 40 algorithms, you can adapt the behaviour of the filtering engine to match your risk appetite while keeping a highly optimised false positive rate.

The filtering engine manages misspellings and typing errors, abbreviations, acronyms, first names initials, compound and concatenated words, and transliteration, enabling you to filter customers in a variety of languages.


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