Firco Training – How to create business rules in Firco MultiLaws Manager

How to Create Business Rules in Firco Multi-Laws Manager

Firco MultiLaws Manager is a useful tool to create business rules to enhance and optimise the filtering results. This one-day, instructor-led course, provides you with the knowledge and skills to create relevant rules in order to reduce the number of false alerts, monitor messages or comply with particularly stringent regulations.


  • FMLU1


  • 1 day


  • This course is intended for the person(s) in charge of business rules creation


  • FFSU1 and FMMU1 Courses
  • Knowledge of Windows and its applications


  • Presentation
  • Memo
  • Exercises
  • Training Data
  • Quiz


  • Understanding the different types of rules
  • Being aware of the risks related to the implementation of rules
  • Becoming an overview of the most common rules implemented in financial institutions
  • Feeling comfortable using the tool


  • Create rules before filtering
  • Create rules during filtering
  • Create rules after filtering
  • Become familiar with the keywords available for rule conception
  • Achieve a methodology to create rule
  • Learn why and when to create agenda trigger
  • Export the final rule file used for filtering (encrypted /not encrypted)
  • Master the functionalities of the tool

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