Firco Training – Making Decisions on the Alerts in Firco Continuity

Firco Continuity screens transactions against listed entities. Once alerts are detected, payment specialists need to quickly decide whether the alert is true or false. This half-day course gives you full knowledge on the functions of Firco Continuity. At completion of the training session, you will be able to identify the various types of alerts (blocking, non-blocking, rule monitoring…), make mindful decisions, and generate reports.


  • FCYU1


  • Half-day


  • Intended to the person(s) in charge of making decisions in Firco Continuity


  • FFSU1 course
  • Knowledge of Windows and its applications


  • Presentation
  • Memo
  • Exercises
  • Training Data
  • Quiz


  • Understanding the type of information displayed in the alert review screen
  • Being able to manage alerts
  • Feeling comfortable using the tool


  • Identify relevant information on suspicious messages
  • Analyse hits details
  • Make decisions
  • Understand “user rights” assigned to your profile
  • Display the history of decisions taken
  • Generate reports
  • Create mail templates
  • Know what to do in case of emergency situations

Features V5

  • Customise the front-end
  • Manage views
  • Apply filters (quick/advanced)
  • Perform operations (aggregation)
  • Extract data to Excel

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