Firco Training – How to Test Lists and Rules in Firco List-Validation Manager

Efficient filtering depends on the quality of the lists and rules. It is therefore important to test new lists and rules before using them in a production environment. This one-day course on Firco List Validation Manager will show you the various tests that need to be performed in order to check the validity of your input data.


  • FLVU1


  • One day


  • The person(s) responsible for testing the quality of the lists and rules


  • FFSU1, FFSU2, FMMU1 and/or FMLU1 courses
  • Knowledge of Windows and its applications


  • Presentation
  • Memo
  • Exercises
  • Training Data
  • Quiz


  • Measuring the impact of a list update on the filter
  • Diagnosing changes to be performed on the list
  • Testing business rules
  • Stimulate filtering in FLV Classic
  • Perform non-regression test
  • Achieve fine tuning to neutralise big hitters


  • Basics of the tests
  • Coherency test
  • Auto-test
  • Non-regression test
  • Identify corrections and/or enhancements to be operated
    on the list
  • Create and test exceptions
  • Test rules efficiency

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